Company’s purposes are dictated by modern demands of the Ukrainian energy market and first of all by energy supplying companies:


  • methodological and practical assistance to the energy market entities first of all by energy supplying companies, providing their interests solving the problems;
  • providing assistance to energy supplying companies in implementation of new techniques and technologies as well as in development of investments projects;
  • carrying out of comparing analysis of technical activity of energy supplying companies and providing measures concerning improvement of company’s activity;
  • organization and carrying out of scientific and practical conferences and seminars;
  • set up of business and partners relations with main investors in the energy sector of the economy;
  • cooperation with the state and regulation bodies in the energy sector of the economy;
  • participation in elaboration of short-term and long-term programs for electric energy development and taking part in their active implementation;
  • creation of mechanisms for companies’ financial stabilization, development of anti-recessionary programs and measures aimed at improvement of company’s activity;
  • coming into new (foreign) energy supplying market.